Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New teacher...sorry,new Friend

Today i met a new teacher from America.i met him in wiziq.His name is Louis George Machlan.First i called hi sir.But he wants me to call him George not sir.He said we are like friends.He invited me to his Karoke english class. This will help me to improve my english language.
He said me to attend his other classes.

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  1. It seems that your first love is mathematics. Can we "kill 2 birds with one stone"? I am thinking that you could conduct a math tutoring session and English at the same time. Have you viewed the Khan Academy tutorials? You could leverage those into online classes.

    You will also be interested in my upcoming Techlish (Technical English) classes. Here is a sample of the cool graphics we will be using:

    Ships and nautical stuff is coming also.