Wednesday, 9 May 2012


When i started using skype,I was shy to communicate to others by saying in englishThanks to sebastian panakal who told me that,this is the way you can improve your language.Then he connected me with some of his friends.I started communicating in group calls

.One day sebastian panakal told me to teach the first lesson to a friend met in  seminar in s.t.theressas collage,firstly i was shocked.But he gave me confidence.I took the lesson the way i know.After my teach i got good aplose from sebastian sir and sobha aunty.And this increased my confidence. 

Taking class to shobha

                   I also took class to john pt sir who is a friend of sebastian panakal.



  1. Deveraj performed exceptionally well, explaining the elementary lessons of GeoGebra to Mr. John P T and Mrs. Sobha Jose.

    Keep up the good work, Devaraj. You are a great addition to WE team. As a GeoGebra Ambassador, you will scale the skies shortly.

  2. I remember the day when I first met you on Skype.You were too shy and was hesitating to speak out. But now a sea of change is visible in you which reveals that you are confident enough to open your mind.. Go ahead... good luck.

  3. I wonder how great you are now to be an online teacher!You R really good.

  4. Wishing U all the best for doing further.