Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Waste trip.......Usefull trip

On 27/4/2012 we went to a very smart school. It is at South Ezhipram. When we went there, there was only the repairmen as it is the holiday season. We went there to see the school because, Kerala Govt. has given them a hundred computers to learn using ICT.It was a waste trip.

But we made it succes ful by going to  register as we are also learning how to make a website, use it to market our skills and make money. We paid the registration fee to the registrar. Now we have to change the server address to that of our Host Server at
Our web hosting service is by spectrum. We registered the domain at an office in Ernakulam. 
We had gone there a week ago to register the domain. Seeing that we are very young boys, they decided we are just playing a prank. So they said they have no domain registering service. today when we went there with money, the same lady took our money and gave us a receipt. She must now know we mean business.
Now we must learn web design. Add our videos, photos and write up. We will use blog, wiki, facebook, twitter, youtube and everything possible to make our business work.


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  2. excellent your blog is so great.I like it.Don't go backward , go frontward.