Friday, 27 April 2012


Me and my friends went to SBI, Mattancherry for opening an account. We were in need of an account for studying online banking. We are getting trained to teach online. Mr. Sebastian Panakal is teaching us. He is the Pri ncipal of eSchool Kerala. He sent us to the bank to open a bank account.

We asked an officer of the bank for an application form. He sent me to another officer.Second person asked me to ask yet another officer. He sent me to the third person. Some people were standing around the third person chatting. We asked the third officer for an application to open a savings account with the bank. Then he asked us “what is the purpose for opening an account?” Doesn’t he know?

We explained our purpose. But he said, “this is a crowded bank. We have no application to waste. And we are very busy here. If you need to start an account, come with your parents. “

Then we tried to see the Manager. A security man came to us and asked “what is the need of seeing the manager?. He is busy. He will be free only after one week. And we were sent out.”

I have some questions?

* loss of a paper is a big loss to them?
* Did children(who's age is above 12) have no right to open a bank account?
* Is this is the way to treat a customer?

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